When it comes to commercial real estate acquisitions, sellers, lenders, and brokers alike recognize Finard Properties to be a serious, knowledgeable, and well-qualified buyer.  We have successfully closed numerous real estate transactions on our own account and with institutional partners, and pride ourselves in our ability to respond as definitively and quickly as a particular situation may require.


Finard Properties has extensive experience in ground-up development, consistently demonstrating its ability to navigate the approval and permitting process while balancing the best interests of all stakeholders — investors, municipalities, surrounding communities, regulatory agencies, and tenants.  Always focused on minimizing risk and maximizing reward, we excel in this dynamic environment of collaboration and coordination, overseeing acquisition and development through to completion.  The hallmark of our success is creating projects with maximum sustainable value.


Mark Twain said, “It’s not what we don’t know that hurts us.  It’s what we think we know that just ain’t so.”  As managers, we never assume that we know all the answers for any given property.  We do, however, understand the questions that must be asked — about investor objectives, about tenants, about communities, about bricks and mortar, and about capital sources.  Asking the right questions doesn’t always give you the answers that you expect, but it does often give you the answers you need.  Questions and answers are the best way to give investors what they want the most: the right returns.


Finard Properties has undertaken every aspect of redeveloping a wide spectrum of projects from nineteenth century downtown high-rise office buildings to regional shopping centers and landmark hotels.  Understanding that each redevelopment project comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities, we have the market knowledge and expertise to manage every detail of the process while never losing sight of the larger goals.  Recognized for our 360-degree perspective and sound financial management, Finard Properties is an additive and reliable partner on the road from vision to reality.


Investors trust Finard Properties to deliver returns through responsible development and asset management practices.  Known to be simultaneously visionary and pragmatic, we are adept at guiding projects from concept to completion — all the while balancing possibilities, limitations, and risks to maximize the financial performance of an asset in its marketplace.  Having nurtured many successful long-term partnerships, Finard Properties welcomes new relationships with institutional investors, debt sources, and other alternative capital sources.